Shedding Light

Shedding Light in Benevolent Beige

An excerpt from an untitled work by Phil Martin

Phil’s Portfolio

Feb. 11, 2014

Lucian is completely opposite that of his malevolent brother Florianwhom I characterized earlier.

To explain the title of this post, light best describes Lucian’s characterization. He sees to the very good of my other important characters. In fact, Lucian sees to the well-being of the society he serves in.

Like a few of my important characters in my story, people notice Lucian for his wool coat. He wears a distinctive beige coat that has brown trimming around the seams.

Most importantly, Lucian is lot more responsible and mature in my story than his brother Florian. Think of comparing light to darkness. Perhaps even more relatable, think of comparing Marvel Comics’ Thor with Loki.

Florian and Lucian are powerful brothers in the realm in which the majority of my story takes place. Eons ago they resided to see to the well-being of the citizens of Liora, the most sacred city and capital of the realm. Ultimately, Florian is consumed by his pride and envy for his brother, he desires for reckless and unlimited power. The opposing personalities of these two brothers causes significant contention in my story.

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