The Chasm of Despair

The Chasm of Despair

An excerpt from an untitled work by Phil Martin

Nov. 12, 2013


I hope I’ll have time to later explain my characters in their roles in my tale…

Adela is a noble leader in a far-off dimension of reality — the Superficial Realm — where my story takes place. She is a Guardian, which means she is a protector. Along with other Guardians, she helps provide protection for all the inhabitants of her realm from its dark forces and demons. Primarily, Adela has been designated as the lead Guardian to fend off demons that cross over between her realm and ours. For some reason, these demons prey on humans weakened by their insecurities.

Adela saves a young man from our realm named Adrian. Adrian was a victim of a demon that got loose into our realm. The demon was waiting for the most opportune time to capture him while lying extremely vulnerable in his insecurity.

Unfortunately, Adela bringing Adrian over into her realm is a one-way trip. However, Adrian is not the first human to cross over. Nevertheless, while Adela answers a lot of his questions about her uttermost dimension of reality, she makes sure Adrian knows about about the most feared place. This hellish place Adela’s people call the Chasm of Despair

Adela speaking to Adrian:

“On the edge of our realm lies a great fault line. The fault line is boundless; it spans the edge of our realm farther than any eye can see. Surrounding this fault line lies the most desolate land. No vegetation or water may be found in this barren region. Many avoid the desolate edge, for it is very empty and bleak. Still all who live in this realm fear what is beyond the cliff of the fault.

“Beyond the great fault line lies a great abode within a curtain of thick, dark fog. Its depths and limits are unknown to us.

“What is known about this place is that whoever enters the fog never returns. Total darkness rules this place, and the demons of our realm originate from within the chasm. It is said that painful cries of sorrow and death can be heard from within for miles.

“It has also been said that flames hot as the brightest star but dark as the night scorch the depths of the chasm. One legend tells of a young man who was disposed there for his misdeeds. From within, he cried for his brother to quench the black flames on his tongue. Yet, the brother was unable to aid him from across the way on our side of the fault. The desolate land before the cloudy cliff proved to be too much of a danger and barrier between them.

“For this most feared dwelling of misery, we call this mysterious place the great Chasm of Despair…”

But Wait… There’s More!

I will have to give a teaser about my story’s main antagonist. He is known as Florian.

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